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The practical designs of modern homes are more focused on energy conservation. Making a home practically air-tight reduces heating requirements thus saving on electricity costs. This may be a great way to save money and help the environment, but it also leads to poor air circulation inside the house. Poor air quality can lead to a variety of cardiovascular diseases, ruined paint and damaged furniture which is why it is important to have good air circulation inside the home. The best way to do this is to install ventilation exhaust fans.

There are many different types of air exhaust systems and getting an idea of how each one works will give you an idea of what type will be the best for your home. Different sized homes will have different ventilation requirements. Larger homes will require a variety of ventilation fans to keep the air from getting stale. The most common types of ventilation air purifying fans are wall mounted, ceiling mounted, inline fans, combination, exterior remote mounted and kitchen range exhaust fans. It is best to have ducting installed in areas where a visible fan would not blend in well. Areas like the living room, dining room, den and bedrooms would be good places to have ducting installed. Stale air runs through the ducting and exits the house via an exterior fan that expels the air outside, or busing using inline fans that are contained inside the actual ducting.

Kitchens, attics, laundry areas, bathrooms, garage and storage areas can be installed with either ceiling mounted or wall mounted exhaust fans if the area is situated beside an exterior wall. It is important that all the areas inside a home need to have air circulation so that pollutants, pathogens or even humidity does not accumulate and lead to costly repairs or health problems. Be sure to select ventilation exhaust fans that are suitable for each area of the home.

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