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Canada Blower TSL ventilator is an inline centrifugal flow fan featuring the reliable performance of a centrifugal fan with the space saving advantages of an axial type fan. The Canada Blower TSL ventilator offers high efficiencies in the commonly selected area. The TSL fan has a higher and broader efficiency range compared to competitive tubular fans and square inline fans. Lower fan operating speed for a given performance provides longer and more reliable operation. Also, higher efficiency leads to quieter operation. The unique ventilator wheel design allows air to flow with a minimum of turbulence and losses. Extra-wide blade design delivers a larger air volume. A removable discharge cone facilitates maintenance and service. Applications with larger motors utilize a pivot-style motor base for ease of belt tension adjustments.

Canada Blower Tubular centrifugal fans such as the TSL are used primarily for low to medium pressure return air systems in heating, ventilating, and air conditioning applications. They are generally more compact than comparable scroll type centrifugal fans and often will fit into tight spaces or in overhead ductwork where other fans of the same duty may not. This is particularly true of the TSL inline fans, which were specifically engineered with a wider efficiency range. This allows selection of smaller fans while maintaining high efficiencies and low operating costs. While there are many considerations that must be taken into account when selecting a fan for a particular application, the first and most obvious is the operating characteristic of the fan. The fan selected must be capable of moving the required amount of air against the calculated system static pressure. Fans selected at or just below the maximum static efficiency point will provide the most efficient and quietest operation. This, however, does not necessarily mean that a fan selected at this point is the best fan for the job. The most efficient fan is usually the largest fan that can be chosen to provide stable operation for a given performance. Usually there is a trade-off between higher equipment cost vs. lower operating cost. There are also many site specific considerations such as physical size and quiet operation which must be evaluated before a final selection is made. This is one area where the unique features of the TSL fan can provide a real advantage over other inline fans.

A smaller Canada Blower TSL fan operating further down from the maximum efficiency figures may be selected without significantly increasing the horsepower requirements, RPM, or sound power levels. This means you have less of a compromise to make between size and cost vs. operating cost and quiet operation. With the TSL fan, you can have both high efficiency and lower first cost. All of the features that give the standard TSL its high efficiency are utilized on all styles and arrangements that Canadian Blower offers. When supplied with a fan curb cap, discharge cap, and weather cover, the TSL fan becomes a quiet, efficient, and stable upblast style roof exhauster. TSL fans can also be specified for many industrial applications, such as paint spray booths. These installations typically utilize special features such as clamshell or swingout construction, which allow easy access for cleaning and maintenance.

Clamshell Fan Design: two clamshell style doors swing open to provide complete access to the interior of the fan for maintenance or cleaning without removal of ductwork. Heavy duty hinges, positive locking latches, and full gasketing provide a complete seal when doors are closed. An access door provides access to the bearings. Available on all fan sizes, typically vertical mount due to the weight of the doors.

Swingout Fan Design: provides full access to the wheel and inner casing. The entire Canada Blower wheel / shaft / bearing assembly is mounted on a large swingout door. Since the inlet cone pivots with the door, fan performance is preserved. Ideal for systems requiring frequent cleaning without removal of ductwork. Swingout fan construction is available for vertical mounting only. Available on sizes 182 and larger.

Variable inlet vanes provide economical, stable, and efficient air volume control for manual or motorized operation. Variable inlet vanes are widely used to control air volumes at partial load conditions, resulting in substantial savings in energy. Inlet vane control offers wide range regulation, excellent operating cost savings, simplicity in operation, and long trouble-free operation at a relatively low initial cost. Variable inlet vanes cause the air entering the fan to spin in the direction of wheel rotation, resulting in reduction in capacity, pressure, and brake horsepower. With the use of inlet vanes, the fan performance curve is repositioned from fully open to the closed position of inlet vanes as shown below.

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