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Chicago Blower Design 95 is an industrial backward curved fan with well-known durability and established performance. Available as a pre-engineered fan line, it delivers the reliability of a custom designed fan at the price and lead time of a standard production fan. Whatever your needs are the Design 95 has the flexibility to fit your application. The wheel uses heavy backward curved blades designed to handle dusty and harsh environments. The solid steel fan blades are also ideal for custom applied corrosion resistant coatings making the Design 95 even more versatile. Typical applications include dust collectors, thermal oxidizers, emission control systems, fume exhausters, and air filtration systems. The Design 95 can also be used in clean air applications, such as general ventilation, exhaust, forced or induced mechanical draft, air recirculation, and drying.


    Punched flanged or slip inlet
    Punched flanged or slip outlet
    Cleanout door
    Inlet screen
    Shaft cooler and guard
    Shaft and bearing guard
    Spark resistant construction
    Shaft Seal
    Split housing (horizontal or pie-shaped wedge)
    Mounted motor and drive or coupling
    Inlet Box
    AWS code welding
    Inlet or outlet dampers
    Inlet volume control
    Belt guard


    High efficiency Backward Curved wheel design.
    Class V Construction
    Maximum Fan Efficiency Grade (FEG) of 90
    Mechanical Efficiencies over 84%
    Rugged Steel Housing and Pedestal


    Maximum CFM: 385,000
    Maximum Static Pressure: 40” wg
    Maximum Temperature: 800°
    Fan Sizes: 18 to 89

FIndustrial ventilators and fans, process pressure blowers, regenerative pressure blowers; industrial; process and commercial heating; ventilating and air-conditioning equipment. Engineering of industrial high pressure blowers and ventilating fans.